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While finding a good pet was not the reason man first started keeping rabbits their great personality, easy care and cute as a bunny good looks quickly made them a favorite. If you are thinking about a rabbit as a pet your sure to find the information below useful.


Most people think of rabbits as an outside pet but given some planning and patience they can make a great inside pet. Those kept indoors are referred to as house rabbits. When kept indoors rabbits can be litter trained with a little patience.

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Like the prairie dog and chinchilla a rabbit's diet consist of mainly grasses in the wild but their natural habitats provide a wider variety of herbs and wild vegetables not normally found on the prairie. This variety or more accurately a lack in this variety is the cause of many house rabbit health problems. Luckily commercial feeds are formulated with this in mind but a significant amount of fresh vegetables are obviously enjoyed and required for good nutrition and digestion.

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Rabbits are definitely on the bottom end of the aggression list when it comes to small mammals and their size makes them less delicate than most. Rabbits range in size from about 3 pounds for some of the mini varieties up to more than 10 lbs for some of the giant types, most species kept as pets are from European stock that have been selectively bred since the 16th century. Along with a variety of sizes this breeding has also resulted in a wide range of colors and several basic body, ear shapes and coat types.

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Rabbits can live longer than 10 years given proper care so they are a long-term pet. Luckily they are also pretty low maintenance and are neat enough to share your living space. However rabbits do what rabbits do, they chew so bunny proofing your home is important if they are not confined. Chewing is important for a rabbit though because their teeth continue to grow throughout their life. Providing ample hay along with a pelleted diet helps to keep them worn down avoiding a common problem with these pets.