Farm & Home


Adventure Pets knows if you have the responsibility of a farm or a home you will need quality products to make the most of what you have. Browse our selection of the finest products available to help with those home projects and make your farm jobs easier. With top brands and great prices at your finger tips those no need to look any further; shop Adventure Pets.

Over time as both our business and our relationships with our customers grew we found that for many the same care and committment given to their indoor pets often stretched out the back door into hutches or coops and even, for some, into the barns and pastures of the family farm.

As a service as well as part of our mission to help ensure the health and well being of all animals we started to "special order" some of the equipment and supplies that they needed to care for all of their animals.

Appreciation for us "going the extra mile" along with our committment to offering quality trusted animal care items at very competitive prices allowed this segment of out business to flourish. Thanks to these same valued customers Adventure Pets now offers a full line of Equine and Farm & Home products taylored to meet all of your outdoor needs.

So no matter whether you are looking to spuce up your yard, care for your livestock or fence in your pasture we offer the feeds & seeds, medications & suppliments and tools & supplies to make your job easier. Check out our Farm & Home supplies page for information on the brands we carry and links to our online store.