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Adventure Pets recommends and supports your local shelter as your first choice for a new dog. But if your looking for a specific or designer breed we could meet that need. We have up for adoption a limited number of pure and designer breed puppies. All of our puppies come from local families. We DO NOT support or endorse puppy mills.

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There are big dogs and small dogs, short dogs and tall dogs, protective dogs and friend to all dogs, long haired and short haired and yes even bald dogs. In this mix there seems to be a dog for just about anyone.

Dogs however, despite their well earned title of man's best friend, no matter what kind are not the best pet for everyone. They are social pack animals that crave the attention and approval of their owner more so than just about any other kind of pet. While these endearing qualities have made them members of more than 1 in 3 households in the U.S. they come at a price, namely time. If not given at least an hour or two of quality time daily behavioral issues can result.


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Besides time monetary cost is a consideration for many owners. A recent national pet owner survey on cost of ownership put average supply and care cost for routine vet services, food, grooming or supplies, treats and toys at somewhere between $55-$60 a month or a little less than $700 a year.

Realize that these are average ballpark figures for a healthy dog and that the cost of an unexpected injury or illness can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars as well as adding considerable amounts of time to their care. There are a number of companies that now offer pet health insurance to help deal with these unexpected cost.

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The average lifespan of dogs vary and given proper care is largely influenced by size. Large breeds typically live somewhere around 8-10 years, medium breeds 10-12 years and the smaller breeds 12-15 years.

If you are prepared for this level of commitment and are looking for one of the most loyal and affectionate pets you can own than a dog might be the best pet for you. You can click on the selection link above for some tips on things you should consider when choosing a dog.