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Adventure Pets recommends and supports your local shelter as your first choice for a new cat . But we do offer adoptions of locally raised and abandoned kittens.

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More cats are counted as pets than any other animal, yes even dogs. DNA evidence suggests that they originated from a handful of feral cats in the Fertile Crescent region of the Middle East before the time of the pharaohs. Experts theorize that they first started hanging around our settlements to hunt the mice and other small vermin that infested our agricultural stores.

Since that time cats have been both deified as gods and demonized as the familiars of witches. This seems to play into the stereotypical "love'em or hate'em" and "cat person or dog person" stance usually used to describe our relationship with them.

White cat by JuditK, on Flickr
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If you're still reading we can assume that you are in the love 'em or cat person camp or at least peeking over the fence. That's great but it doesn't necessarily mean that a cat is the right pet for you.

If you are looking to play fetch or for the unconditional drool on your shoes love of a dog, than get a dog. On the other hand if you are looking for a less needy furry companion that can largely look after themselves you're on the right track. The difference arises because unlike their pack forming counterparts the dog, the wild ancestors of cats by nature were solitary hunters.

Cats by cuatrok77, on Flickr
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Cats are a great choice for those looking for a low maintenance pet. They are independant and unlike dogs they tend to occupy themselves if they need to spend some time alone. They are smaller animals that don't require much space and can get all of the exercise they need inside of the home.

Cats are pretty easy to feed especially if fed dry food as several meals can be placed in their bowl and they will eat when they want. They almost instinctually use a litter box but if training is necessary it normally takes under two weeks. This makes them ideal for those with hectic schedules or that may occasionally need to spend a night away from home.

There are about 40 recognized pedigree breeds of cats but most feline pets in the U.S. are not pedigrees and fall into a catchall group called the domestic. These are categorized as either domestic longhairs or domestic shorthairs depending on the type of coat.