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Adventure Pets stocks a wide variety of top quality reptiles and amphibians. We always source as many animals as possible from local breeders. New animals are received weekly and we are always glad to special order.

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Frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are all amphibians. They can be fascinating pets that are quiet, donít take up much space and on average live about 5 years. They do require specialized enclosures that maintain clean water for aquatic varieties or temperature and humidity control for those that live on land. Several individuals can often be housed in a container no larger than a 10-gallon aquarium. Prices range from under $10 for common species to hundreds of dollars for rare or exotic varieties.

The majority of amphibians are most active at night when their natural diet of insects and worms are more abundant. Most captive diets are based on crickets but some aquatic varieties and a few toads will accept prepared feeds. The lack of variety in most captive live food diets makes using a vitamin and mineral supplement critical in providing a balanced diet.

An amphibian's skin is more porous than that of any other type of pet. This makes them very sensitive to common household chemicals and substances normally found on our hands so care must be taken to avoid contaminating their environment and handling should be kept to a minimum.

Care typically includes feeding and spot cleaning the enclosure daily or every other day, providing clean water at all times and misting as needed to control humidity.

A more in-depth cleaning including wiping down interior surfaces should be performed weekly and a thorough cleaning including sterilizing the enclosure and its contents and changing the bedding should be done monthly.